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With the UbexPay solution, you can pay online, send and receive money. UbexPay is the most advanced cash management system in Algeria for e-Payment and e-commerce for merchants and freelancers or use as a payment method in any website or app by using API or direct installation.

With UbexPay you can manage your money with secured worldwide security protocols, receive your payment from anyone around the world in few seconds, pay on an online store, or even pay in shops and supermarkets by QrCode & NFC.

UbexPay is available in the web app, Android & iOS. With many features as KYC and verification ID Online, SMS verification, etc, we support crypto and blockchain technologies.

UbexPay is the 1st Winner Award in Algerian FinTech event Oran Disrupt and has "LABEL Startup" from the Ministry of Microenterprise, Start-up, and Economy of Knowledge.

Startup Features:
  • Multicurrency & online exchange
  • Send or receive money over the world in seconds.
  • Pay with a phone number, e-mail, NFC & QR Pass.
  • Personal account, Business, Freelancers.
  • Fingerprint and facial recognition.
  • Online exchange in others currencies.
  • Blockchain Technology and BTC.
  • KYC system for verification ID & Adresse.
  • API System for integration in websites & App, WordPress, Prestashop, etc
  • Security PCI DSS, NIST USA, HIPAA.
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Finance
Target Audience:
  • ios
  • android
  • fintech
  • e-commerce
  • api
  • web app
  • freelancers
  • payments
  • banking
  • crypto currency

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