Betafy is the brainchild of Jeevan Betigeri.

Jeevan has been associated with startups for the last 5 years. He is the founder of Fathom Software (www.fathomable.com) and his team and he have helped several startups with product development and CTO services.

Jeevan noticed that many a times our startup clients reach a beta stage and hit a 'now-what?' moment when they are impacted by lack of traction, lack of visibility and lack of good data to help them understand where they are and to make those much needed pivotal decisions. We began to wonder if there could be a way to help address this problem, and that's how the concept of a beta platform began to take shape.

But to take the notion a few steps further, we thought that if the platform could also help create new opportunities for early adopters, beta testers and software testers in a way where they could get to interact with startups and benefit mutually, that would be even better. Everyone would benefit. Hence Betafy!

Betafy is a product developed by Fathom Software LLC, Dallas, TX


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