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Timetastic is a super-simple staff-leave planner used by over 100,000 people to organise their time off work. It’s the online, mobile, and paperless way to manage staff leave that gets rid of holiday forms and spreadsheets.

Timetastic is more than just a streamlined way to book time off work - it’s a better way to deal with staff absence.

Companies that switch to Timetastic become more transparent, plan better, work better, and value their team. You’ll see a happier and more productive workforce.

Startup Features:
  • Individual calendars
  • App & email notifications
  • Departments
  • Leave types
  • Public holidays
  • Work schedules
  • Slack Tools
  • Calendar Connections
  • Email Reports
  • Leave Types
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Human Resources
Target Audience:
  • saas
  • human resource management
  • administration
  • timesheet

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