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SoapBox is built for kids. Our mission is to transform play and learning experiences for kids everywhere using voice technology.

Our low-code, scalable platform is licensed by education and consumer companies globally to deliver world-class voice experiences for literacy and English language tools, smart toys, games, apps, and robots to the market.

Our independent, proprietary technology delivers 95% accuracy for kids of all ages from 2-12 years old. It also caters to global accents and dialects and has been independently verified to show no racial or socio-economic bias.

The SoapBox platform has been built using a privacy-by-design approach. Protecting kids' fundamental right to voice data privacy is a cornerstone of our work and philosophy.

For more information or to request a demo or access to our API email Hello@SoapBoxLabs-com.

Startup Features:
  • Built specifically for kids
  • Privacy-first solution
  • 95% accuracy across all age groups
  • Proven no accent or dialect bias
  • Proprietary data and technology
  • Low-code and lightweight
  • Plug & play and custom solutions
  • Online, offline, and embedded offerings
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Education
Target Audience:
  • education
  • api
  • ai
  • artificial intelligence
  • edtech
  • speech recognition
  • k12
  • assessments
  • edutainment
  • literacy

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