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SecureCircle delivers a SaaS-based cybersecurity service that extends Zero Trust security to data on the endpoint. At SecureCircle, we believe frictionless data security drives business value for our customers. End users operate without obstacles, while data is continuously secured against breaches and insider threats. Instead of relying on complex reactive measures, we simply secure data persistently in transit, at rest, and even in use.

Startup Features:
  • Mitigate data breaches and insider threats
  • Secure data as it leaves applications and repositories
  • Keep data continuously secured and encrypted
  • Maintain control and visibility of data as it moves
  • Secure data within any file type without size limits
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Cloud Solutions and Services
Target Audience:
  • cybersecurity
  • datasecurity
  • zerotrust
  • dasb
  • dlp
  • dataprotection
  • securecircle
  • sourcecode

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