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We want to help engineers, product managers, data scientists, marketers, and companies at large to make use of their customer data using the best open-source technologies.

The explosion of SaaS services has brought many advantages but has also created a deep – and sometimes unnecessary – coupling of software and data. We want to decouple the two so that you can enjoy the same advantages of the SaaS services without compromising your customers’ privacy and security.

We offer an infrastructure for capturing and syncing all your event, marketing, and product data in your warehouse and 200+ cloud apps.

Startup Features:
  • Real-time event streaming and identity resolution
  • Warehouse first
  • Cloud-to-warehouse ELT
  • Privacy & Security is a principle
  • 70+ out of the box integrations
  • Open-source
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Technology
Target Audience:
  • data
  • software
  • it management

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