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Robotic.mobi is used for testing automation of mobile and web applications. It tests
Android, IOS, WEB and hybrid applications.?When tested with Robotic.mobi, you will ensure that your application runs 97% of the
popular devices on the market.?It tests on popular 350+ devices on the market.
It provides the infrastructure for the test experts to record the steps of the test cycle by hand-coding them without writing code or commands.
Saved test steps are stored in cloud center.?Users can also create test steps with remotely accessible devices. Firms can test their
remote access applications without purchasing a mobile device. Saved test steps can be updated and re-run.
Recorded tests can be performed automatically on many devices at the same time, at any time, without the need for a test expert.
Test results can be reported in detail (log records, application performance, screen displays, etc.). The evaluations report the start of the application, the response time, transaction, processor usage, memory usage, and battery usage.
It can work integrated with project management environments (Jira, TFS, Jenkins, Git, etc.). Automated task assignments can be made to the developers from the test domain.
Works with existing test platforms. You can run test codes written in Appium, selenium, espresso, calabash and robotium.
Continious testing is possible. Continious testing: is the coordinated progress of the development process and the test process, and ensures that the tests run automatically after each feature development.
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Startup Features:
  • mobile application testing platform
Beta User Benefits:
  • no code mobile application testing platform
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  • Cloud Solutions and Services
  • Engineering
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  • artificial-intelligence
  • mobiletesting
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