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Quarkly is a visual web-development tool for creating websites & web apps, with a swift workflow from design to deployment. It aims to make the process as intuitive as possible, while ensuring that the end result is a professional project with clear and readable code.

Quarkly allows you to create websites and web apps both visually and by writing code. You get all the benefits of visual responsive editing, but at the same time you can freely dive into the built-in code editor and tweak things from there – everything will synchronize perfectly!

Designers can work in Quarkly the same way as they are used to in Figma – you will find many familiar options in the UI. The twist? You get a fully functional website instead of a static prototype! And for React developers we have a module assembler in all its glory: hmr, npm-modules, custom components and much more. And for teams it has built-in sharing ready so you can easily collaborate on a project in real time!

Startup Features:
  • Fast workflow, all the way from design to deployment
  • No coding experience required, but provides full access to the code for developers
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Information Technology
  • Platforms
Target Audience:
  • visual
  • react
  • fast
  • webstie builder
  • react.js

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