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Almost every organization depends on customer data to provide goods or services. For organizations to have the best possible relationship with those customers, they need to have the best possible customer data to derive meaningful customer intelligence and create seamless and friction-free personalized engagement.

Customer data can be found in an increasing number of data sources and knowing that the data in those sources are correct and proper is critical to business success. Data about customers needs to be comprehensive, reliable, and timely.

Whether your business uses a CRM, ERP, CDP, or simply a marketing platform or custom database and applications, there is a benefit in focusing on the all-important customer master with the modern Pretectum CMDM, a SaaS customer master data management platform.

At Pretectum, we feel we’ve mastered the journey of customer master data curation, from the moment you define what a customer is to transacting and nurturing your relationship with them.

More importantly, Pretectum facilitates your customer by providing you with even more information if they choose to, elevating your knowledge of them, growing customer familiarity, augmenting customer insight, and identifying your customers' preferences.

Startup Features:
  • Global customer search
  • Customer data quality
  • Customer data syndication
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Technology
Target Audience:
  • data
  • customer loyalty
  • customer management
  • customer feedback
  • customer satisfaction
  • customer engagement
  • data processing
  • customer acquisition
  • customer onboarding
  • customer development

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