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Qinaps is a #collaborative documentation application for structured and #interlinked #notes to produce live documents.
Qinaps' ability to reuse existing material is unique. No more countless hours of search, copy, paste, and update operations. Find and reuse the same material in any document. Write within Qinaps components. Leave it to Qinaps to update every occurrence after source unit changes.
Qinaps ability to organize material is unique. Actually, it's a knowledge base. One can decide to view their data as a table, as a knowledge map, as a linear document. They're all different View Modes for the same data.
Qinaps ability to focus on work is unique. Sometimes, one needs several partial views of the same data to focus on such or such objective. So we have Viewpoints. Each viewpoint is a cluster of components of the larger knowledgebase. All you need is at your fingertips and no more.
Qinaps features for collaboration are unique. One can invite other members to any role within the workflow. So we have ownership for granular access controls. This can be a reviewer for the final document. Or this can be a contributor or an author for any single component or both.
Qinaps features for publishing are unique. When all is said and done, there's no need to send attachments. You just 'share' the link of the doc and Qinaps securely publishes and syncs your work to who you want. No need to re-send the attachment when things change.
In short, Qinaps allows keeping your documents fresh and alive in a breeze.
Write once, reuse many times. Tear down existing documents into reusable components. Arrange your knowledge base with your own logic. Build new documents. Share. Publish.
Make countless hours of search/copy/paste/review/distribute a thing of the past.
Our promise of value? "Dive into the details while staying on top of things."

Startup Features:
  • Knowledgebase for Interlinked notes and text, written assets
  • Publish and update several documents at once from source content stored in the knowledgebase
  • Support for adding images, code snippets, tables, videos, text, emojis
  • Granularity of content which allows flexibility in producing custom built document from the source content
  • Version control of documents
  • Invite members for team collaboration and user access control
  • Ability to view content as a Map, Table, document
  • Import and copy from existing documents to Qinaps and build in granularity to componentize it, re-use and publish at ease
  • API to sync with other apps
Beta User Benefits:
  • Lifetime free access
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  • Productivity
Target Audience:
  • saas
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