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Making Funding easier by streamlining the process of creating a Fund to seconds. When making a fund is easy so is applying it to your life. You can Fund anything. Monetize your social posting TikTok's, Reels, Snaps, Twitter, Pininterest, Facebook and Instagram. Add a QR code anybody can scan to donate to any cause. Like's and follows are nice but money in your bank is awesome! Donors can remain anonymous because we don't sell info.

Startup Features:
  • Setup a Funding initiative in seconds
  • Use QR Code for Easy Giving
  • Use In App Photo Tools for Social Sharing
  • Anonymous Fund Creation and Donoations
  • Easiest Funding App on The Planet - Prove me wrong
Beta User Benefits:
  • Create a Fund for a Cause you believe in
  • Contact Support to extend the fund time if you are betafy user
  • You can become an Ambassador of the app for additional income source for your family
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Charity
  • Crowdfunding
Target Audience:
  • crowdfunding
  • nonprofits
  • political
  • fundraising
  • causes

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