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Real estate software is fundamentally flawed. Kazi CRM is a client management tool that helps real estate agents keep track of their leads, clients, and deals in their pipeline. In the real estate agent portal, you will see a Kanban board on steroids. The client portal is where we will maximize the number of referrals you get. The client portal will allow real estate clients to view their home maintenance schedules, home value using AI technology, home services pros referred by their agents, and get their utilities set up at no cost. Buying a home is an extremely personal experience and collaboration between agents and their clients is the key to a happy transaction. We're on a mission to put "relationships" back into CRMs, provide simple, elegant technology that connects agents and homeowners, and empower agents to communicate better while scaling their business.

Startup Features:
  • Enable Real Estate Agent to manage their client efficiently and effectively
Beta User Benefits:
  • Life Time free usage of the Platform
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Real Estate
Target Audience:
  • crm
  • real estate software
  • client management software
  • crm for real estate agents
  • real estate transacation software
  • real estate crm

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