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Everything about a property, in one place. inndox is a property tech company that helps developers, builders, agents, and property owners by making it easy to store and transfer property documents online for easy handover, management, and due diligence at the time of sale.

inndox is transforming how you capture, manage & share property information.

Startup Features:
  • Templates, save hours of time completing a handover of the project documentation and contacts
  • Reminders, easily set maintenance, and warranty expiry reminders for property owners to receive a branded email. This provides automated after-sales
  • Cloning, set up one logbook and copy multiple times with one click
  • Transfer, share files with any party or transfer the logbook from one owner to the next
  • Due diligence - Share with selling agent and buyer during the sales process
  • Property owner, can upload their own files, contacts and reminders then share with others and transfer the logbook when they sell.
  • White label, the Company brand is on the logbook and every email that goes to the end-user (Property owner).
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Real Estate
Target Audience:
  • home automation
  • construction
  • property
  • due diligence
  • building
  • property management
  • real estate software
  • houses
  • property development
  • building maintenance
  • approvals
  • smart houses

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