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The free Hearonymus app turns your smartphone into a modern audio guide for museums, exhibitions and sights. With the search option by location, category and / or topic, you can quickly find the right audio guide for every occasion. The "search in the area" points to new, previously unknown, sights.

The free and purchased guides are download and saved on the smartphone. This ensures audio enjoyment even in museums or in places without an internet connection.

The Hearonymus app is the central platform for searching, downloading, managing and listening to audio guides.

Highlights include:
-) QR codes, NFC tags or GPS triggering
-) Sign language, simple language, easy language or object descriptions for the visually impaired
-) Maps with GPS
-) Videos
-) “Augmented Reality +” with image comparison works everywhere
-) Always available, regardless of opening times
-) Guides work offline (without internet)
-) Guides in multiple languages like german, english, french, italian and czech
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Entertainment
  • Tourism
  • Travel
  • Art
Target Audience:
  • art
  • travel
  • tourism
  • tours
  • culture
  • museums
  • galleries
  • audio guide
  • exhibitions

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