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GoFundHer-com is a financial platform for girls and women to connect with sponsors worldwide.

Your supporters can sponsor you one-time or set up monthly sponsorship to you for as low as $1.

GoFundHer-com delivers premium financial services in 200+ countries and is working to change the world for girls and women.

GoFundHer-com and City Girls Big Dreams are sister companies with teams dedicated to the lives of girls & women. Learn more about them at CityGirlsBigDreams-com.

The mission of GoFundHer-com and City Girls Big Dreams is to eliminate inequality for women by holding space for economic success through a real and sustainable financial platform designed by women, for women.

Businesses and Non-Profit organizations can also receive monthly sponsorships with a free GoFundHer-com account.

Startup Features:
  • Monthly and one-time sponsorships
  • Anonymous sponsors
  • Profile pages sponsors
  • Available worldwide, 150+ countries
  • Woman CEO & diverse leadership team
Beta User Benefits:
  • Fast anonymous funding with no contracts or obligations.
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Finance
Target Audience:
  • crowdfunding
  • fundraising
  • funding platform

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