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Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is a software database application designed to organize and improve medical office workflow. Each phase of the patient encounter can be duplicated by the EMR system – increasing efficiency, productivity, and revenue.

We take an unbiased approach to help you find the right EMR software for your medical practice – and you’ll enjoy deep discounts with our inside industry contacts. We also offer hardware selection, installation, training, and maintenance assistance to make the transition easier. You can even integrate an EMR with your current medical billing service.

You’ll save hours of research time and thousands of dollars – and our service comes at no charge to you. By bringing the best of the market to you and helping you compare top EMR vendors, you’ll know you’re making the right decision.
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  • Health & Fitness
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  • electronic health record
  • telemedicine
  • revenue cycle management
  • medical billing
  • credentialing

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