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The way we work is changing. We used to climb a corporate ladder, but an increasingly agile workforce now swings from project to project, more like a jungle gym. Within the decade, contractors will make up 60% of the US workforce, yet there are no good tools on the market to manage this kind of working relationship.

Contractors struggle to collect payment and manage scope; clients struggle with efficiently paying and managing external resources.

Ditto solves these problems, plus mitigates the risks associated with contract-based work. The platform integrates process and payments to automate the admin, and helps contractors and clients work in a more fair, flexible way through a web-based portal with escrow functionality.

Startup Features:
  • get paid for freelance work on time, every time
Beta User Benefits:
  • lifetime discount
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Finance
  • Freelancing
  • Productivity
  • Technology
Target Audience:
  • escrow
  • protected payments

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