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BytesView is an advanced machine learning and NLP- based text analysis tool. It can compile and analyze large volumes of text data from multiple information sources with ease. The various text mining and analysis models can help you analyze and extract valuable insights from unstructured text. we also offer API services that can help you train custom data analysis models with data specific to your organization to increase accuracy and efficiency. The dedicated plugins make it much easier to integrate unstructured text with our system for analysis.

Startup Features:
  • Text Analysis, sentiment analysis, emotion analysis, keyword extraction, topic labelling, name gender classifier and intent detection
  • Marketing and competitive intelligence
  • Social media monitoring
  • Voice of customers solutions
  • Voice of employee solutions
  • Text analysis for research and academics
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Business Development
Target Audience:
  • text analytics
  • sentiment analysis
  • emotion analysis
  • keyword extraction
  • semantic similarities

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