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My friends and I built blueplanit.co to accomplish two things:

-Make it faster and easier to plan a trip.
How - autofill event details and mark on map. Fast drag and drop of events with all details.

-Enable anyone to discover itineraries others have created and start planning with existing trips.
How - copy the entirety of existing trips others have created that can then be customized.

We built Blue Planit because when planning our own trips, we always defaulted to using a shared Google Doc and marking Google Maps. It was always so manual and time consuming, so we decided to build a more integrated and automated solution that also brought the social aspect of discovering trip itineraries others have made. We loved the design of Trello so were inspired to use dran-n-drop cards in our design.

Startup Features:
  • plan vacation
  • share travel itinerary
  • plan trip
  • discover travel itineraries
Beta User Benefits:
  • Free tool to plan your next trip faster
  • Free tool to find trip itinerary
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Web App
  • Travel
Target Audience:
  • travel
  • travel planner
  • travel planning
  • itinerary
  • travel app
  • itinerary planner
  • social travel

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