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Zapof Forms is an online form platform to create fast, powerful and beautiful forms with no coding required.

Professionals, businesses, clubs, schools, teachers and students, and everyone can create forms for registration form, enrollment form, payment form, and all kinds of data submission.

Zapof Form Builder has 48 types of questions and web elements, table and spreadsheet with over 500 built-in functions.

Zapof Forms offers free Starter Plan with option to upgrade to Pro Plan to accept online payment and Business Plan with voucher facility and voice enabled forms.

Why choose Zapof Forms?

- Simple to use and yet fast and powerful.

- Many types of questions and web elements to choose from; 48 and counting.

- Feature rich so you can always create forms that you and your users love to use.

- No HTML/CSS/Javascript required, anyone can create forms.

- Conditional logic to show different questions for different answers.

- Accept online payment and recurring fee.

- Voucher facility.

- Save and resume. The user saves the answers as a draft and gets a link for resuming the submission at another time.

- Email notification. You get an email notification with the submitted form attached as a PDF file whenever a user submits a form.

- Downloadable receipt. User can download the submitted form as a PDF file.

- Multi-tabs forms. Group questions into separate horizontal or vertical tabs.

- Form CAPTCHA protection.

- Export submitted forms as native Excel .xslx file.

- Responsive Forms. One design for all devices’ sizes. All fields automatically adjust to a single column to fit on small screen devices.

Startup Features:
  • Fast, powerful and simple to use Form Builder to create beautiful forms that you and your users love to use. No coding required.
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Information Technology
Target Audience:
  • form builder
  • form editor
  • online form
  • payment form
  • registration form
  • form template
  • free online form

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