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I have seen a lot of people ( including me ) facing a lot of issues in managing their daily, weekly tasks, then i have built an easiest, fastest, simplest solution which is a first version of my product yourtaskly.

Presenting my solution to freelancers and startup founders a way to be more productive with the simplest, easiest and fastest task management tool prototype.

YourTaskly Version 1 - Excel Sheet Template

You can download the yourtaskly excel template for free from

It is a simplest first version of yourtaskly which includes following limited but most important features

Many task management software are too complicated with unnecessary features.

I am not saying they are bad, i also used them but they have are not niches focused and doesn't care about a set of people .

That Why I'm developing a task management solution specifically for SaaS startup founders (startups) and one man army (freelancers).

I have seen many big SAAS companies who provide Task Management solutions to EVERYONE.

YES! you heard right and of course i know you know this that major big SAAS companies provide their solutions to a general market from a doctor to a big enterprises.

They serve to everyone because of which they are not focused and care about anyone.

And there is a famous quote - "If You Try To Serve Everyone In Your Business, You'll Serve No One Well "

So, i was forced to build a More focused solution for SAAS startups owners, Freelancers to get most of the task management software and feel like there is someone who cares about them.

So, i am sharing a link with you all where you can sign up and give me a hint about how much you are excited for it.

You can download the yourtaskly excel template for free from

Also, if you excited for the most enhanced and easiest second version of yourtaskly, then please share your thoughts and feedback about it.

Startup Features:
  • Choose day, date for a start & deadline
  • Select the priority ( do task which matters the most )
  • Cancel the task if done
  • Assign task to Assignees
  • Add some note / description related to that task
Beta User Benefits:
  • You Will Get a free Yourtaskly template to download
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Business
  • Cloud Solutions and Services
Target Audience:
  • project management
  • task management
  • asana alternative

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