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TestInvite is an online exam software platform for companies and organizations to create and conduct secure, high-quality online exams.

Also, it offers solutions for any kind of assessment such as business & corporate training tests, recruitment & pre-employment tests, lead generation, online certifications & courses, schools, universities, and E-learning.

TestInvite adopts self-improvement as a principle by constantly adding new features to its online exam software and it seeks to provide its customers and test-takers with a flawless online exam experience.

Remotely administer any kind of test online. Create your own exams or use the assessment library.

Startup Features:
  • Live monitoring
  • Unlimited simultaneous examination
  • Video recorded exams
  • Fully integrated question bank
  • Advanced authentication options
  • Forced fullscreen - lockdown browser
  • Audio/Video questions
  • Assessments with multiple steps
  • Advanced personalized e-mail invitation module
  • Exams with multiple sections
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Education
Target Audience:
  • recruitment
  • hiring
  • education
  • e-learning
  • recruiting
  • assessments

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