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Make use of a fresh look at management and data handling with a no-code API tool along with more features like personal board, privacy and access systems, friendships, subscriptions, advanced gallery, responsive design, dark theme, free to use, explore and share:

- Target - any task, idea or problem to solve within a Project
- Api-X - powerful tool to work with APIs, integratable into Projects and Targets
- Strict access system for Project and Api-X
- Assigned Targets board
- Proper account privacy settings
- Chat system with multiple floating windows (?? no limit!)
- Subscribe to users, updates and chat messages
- Extensive friendships system, find users and friends around the world
- Alerts and history systems with jump links
- Gallery allows pictures, audio, video, PDF, Text, HTML and JSON files reading
- Original design
- Light and dark themes, global interface zoom, fits landscape and portrait orientations
- Suitable for ANY device with modern browser, set zoom to fit yours (in app ??Settings)
- Use your mobile browser "Add to Home Screen" option for instant app access

This is initial phase and currently has some limits: 3 projects and 30 targets (at a time, in any own or shared project) per user, 10 files and up to 20Mb each per attachment. Just ask for more if you really need, it is also a good case for a feedback. Private version for your specific cases can be arranged.

This project is part of VipsProjects.com, please visit to support and explore.

Startup Features:
  • Accomplish private or shared Targets with help of original features
  • Live chat with Multiple windows feature
  • alerts and subscriptions
  • access and privacy settings
  • board
  • gallery
  • friendships
  • original design
  • light and dark themes
Beta User Benefits:
  • direct contact
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Project Management
Target Audience:
  • social
  • management
  • mobile
  • alerts
  • web
  • app
  • chat
  • api
  • product
  • gallery
  • history
  • projects
  • modern
  • updates
  • zoom
  • board
  • progressive
  • privacy settings
  • access system
  • targets
  • jumplinks
  • friendships
  • themes
  • add to home screen

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