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ServisBOT works with enterprise companies to help them put conversational AI chatbots at the heart of automation within their company. By understanding natural language and executing business workflows, our AI bots can either fully or partially automate different customer interactions and journeys.

Our bot platform makes it easy to build and adapt digital AI assistants and get them to market in a matter of days or weeks. Imagine automating 60% or more of the routine queries that your live agents handle, leaving them free to resolve the complex ones! Maybe you want a chatbot solution to increase online sales conversions by 20%, or reduce the cost of onboarding by 50%, or even a bot to proactively chase customers for missing documents or reminders. Our AI Bots automate engagement where you want them.

Startup Features:
  • Multiple engagement channels
  • Analytics & insights on performance & experience
  • Reusable skills to help lower costs
  • Low-code tools
  • Engage across multiple channels with ease
  • Multi-Bot architecture for scalable experiences
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Technology
Target Audience:
  • marketing
  • analytics
  • software
  • information technology
  • artificial intelligence
  • robotics

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