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SDK X is an Admob Automation Tool to help you improve your Android app's ad revenues. It automates a lot of experiments that you would have to manually perform in firebase or write and maintain custom code. Some examples - A/B testing for the right refresh rates for each banner unit, custom code to enable refresh for native advanced, improve CPM through cross format mediation for banners. All these and more are completely automated!

Our goal is to give our product to potential users and receive their honest feedback as well as help us prove some of the newer concepts we plan to build in our product. So we are looking for a group of people from this community who will be eager to work with us and share their feedback. Ideally, if you are looking to improve your revenue by working on core revenue KPIs - Match rate, Impression RPM and CTR.

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  • We really appreciate your time and are offering upto a $100 Amazon Gift Voucher + Lifetime FREE access to SDK X for your contribution.
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