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When companies like Amazon, Dominos, UPS, Doordash, etc., deliver goods or services, they keep customers engaged by sending emails and texts with arrival time updates and links to live maps with their order’s location on a map. When done, they send confirmation notices and satisfaction surveys. All this saves time and money and improves customer satisfaction. Routeranger empowers SMBs, even solo operators, to offer this high-tech service.

Startup Features:
  • Live in-route status notices sent to clients via email or text
  • Personalized delivery tracking maps
  • Clients can reschedule visits online
  • Delivery satisfaction surveys
  • Upload and display your company logo
  • Drag and drop route planning
  • Plan and visualize routes on interactive maps
  • Track driver location along a route
  • Custom operating radius, date format, weight, volume, and distance units
  • Archived app-reported waypoints retain direction, time, and speed data
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Technology
Target Audience:
  • router
  • software as a service
  • delivery tracking
  • mapping services
  • communication service

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