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Our vision is to make digital life simple, by reinventing file and content management and bringing back lightness and peace of mind into your work.

It's already difficult to keep track of your files, docs, codes, contracts, email attachments, and PDFs, and gets worse when you include your Figma/Miro/Notion pages or web links to interesting articles or firms. Put this into a remote setting, where you communicate via Slack or MS Teams, and you see how 30% of the average "knowledge worker's" (that's us) time is spent searching and locating files, as well as communicating & collaborating internally ????

We're tackling the problem with an intuitive UI and a powerful machine-learning core (graph-based) to bring structure and transparency into your work content across your docs, files, Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, MS Teams, and browser bookmarks.

To guarantee you don't have to maintain "yet another tool", use our integrations, so that you can get started with no setup and keep going with no manual effort.

We are just onboarding our first beta users! If you would like to give it a try, add yourself to the waitlist and get early access to our closed beta, we'd be super happy:


? If you fill in the survey via this link and are onboarded onto the closed beta, you'll get grandfathered and be our VIP forever :)

Startup Features:
  • collecting all your files and work content automatically into one intuitive workspace
  • establishing smart connections between items (such as an Excel cell to a number in a Word document, and notifying you have overseen changes)
  • always finding what you're looking for through our dashboard (e.g. a Notion link that was shared by a certain team member via Slack)
  • seeing the relevance and "up-to-date"-ness of your files (e.g. when someone created a new version, notifying you that you're working or viewing an old version)
  • having all activities centralised around each content making sure information isn't lost in all the different communication channels (e.g. adding task and status updates to the files themselves instea
Beta User Benefits:
  • Be grandfathered!
  • Pro membership for a lifetime
  • 4 extra Pro licences for your friends
  • VIP support
  • A super cool product designed for you!
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  • Saas
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  • Productivity
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  • design
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