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Silos prevent teams from learning, empathizing, and cooperating. Internal disputes drive talents away. Pluckd is a tool for feedback and upskilling that hopes to break that cycle and turn your company employees into a community that shares goals and motivates one another. It maps the skills inside your company and your personal goals; then connects you with potential mentors and supporters.

Get inspired by connecting with people you have never been able to interact with before!

Startup Features:
  • Social feed
  • Morale tracking
  • Workforce analytics
  • 360 degree skill ratings
Beta User Benefits:
  • Free tier for small teams (up to 5 people)
  • 50% off for larger (5+) teams in 2020
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Enterprise software
  • Human Resources
  • Networking
Target Audience:
  • career
  • promotions
  • company culture
  • growth mindset
  • employee morale
  • upskilling

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