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Planzer.io is built to help users save time on their daily to-do tasks. Users can make a habit of starting the day with Planzer.io and ending their day with Planzer.io.

The solution collects all tasks and emails from multiple sources in one view.

Trello integration
Integrates with Trello so users can easily integrate their accounts, start pulling in their Trello tasks, and handling them in Planzer.io to save time from switching between apps.

Notion integration
Add your Notion account and see all your tasks in Planzer.io so you can easily plan them out on specific days.

Email integration
Integrates with Outlook email to pull in user emails so that they can plan when to handle their different emails.

Calendar integration
Integrates with both Google Calendar and Outlook calendar so that users have their daily calendar in one view with Planzer.io

Goals module
Set weekly goals and attach tasks where the tasks will make sure users reach their goals.

Tasks module
Manages all tasks in one view, including a backlog and much more.

Startup Features:
  • Collect all your tasks in one place
  • See your calendar and tasks in one view
  • Integrate your project management software
Beta User Benefits:
  • A trial period where you can test out Planzer.io
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Business
  • Productivity
Target Audience:
  • task management

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