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For performance marketers and agencies who need to hit their ROAS targets and scale their Facebook and Instagram spend, Pencil is the world’s first Machine-Generated Content (MGC) self-serve platform that generates, predicts, and iterates dozens of high-performance ads.

We believe AI will be as fundamental to creativity in the next century as the pencil was in the last. Compared to relying fully on designers or using ‘template’ services, Pencil helps users generate ads that are good, fast, and cheap.

How does it work? Users start by completing a short brief, then upload a few existing brand videos, images, or UGC testimonials, and then Pencil generates dozens of fresh ad creatives, ready to run on Facebook or Instagram. Users can select, share and even edit the ads they want to use, then either push them straight into their Facebook account or export to upload manually.

Pencil then uses advanced Machine Learning to improve ROAS performance over time. This is possible because users connect their Facebook Ad account with Pencil, allowing us to automatically pull granular campaign performance data and use it to iterate higher-performing assets in the next brief.
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