Geographies: World wide

PandaMR made it possible to conduct a meeting in a co-working space, organize and attend large and small scale conferences, conventions, board meetings, and other events - all in virtual reality without considering traveling, time, cost, circumstances, and other related challenges. The virtual platform is geared toward 3 main user profiles. Those are event organizers, responsible for conducting, arranging and coordinating a virtual expo; exhibitors, who come as interested parties willing to present their products, solutions and brand in general on the medium; and, finally, visitors, the end-users in our chain who attend the exhibition, discover all benefits provided by the platform and enjoy their unique experience.

Startup Features:
  • 3 d environment
  • 3d customizable avatars
  • customizable venue
  • voice and text chat
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Event Management
  • Platforms
  • Virtual Reality
Target Audience:
  • virtual events
  • hybrid events
  • virtual events platform
  • virtual events software
  • virtual and hybrid events

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