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Looking to keep your bookmarks in sync across different browsers? Wish there was an easy way to share links with your team?

minimarks is an ultra-compact bookmark manager and start page that lets you share bookmarks with anyone, create collections collaboratively, and even publish collections in a snap. Our one-page UI makes it easy to collect and organize articles, recipes, songs, tutorials, and anything else you find while browsing.

Start Page
Our powerful search function lets you find and launch sites instantly from your keyboard. Set minimarks as your start page everywhere to upgrade your web browsing experience and never be without your bookmarks again!

Share Bookmarks
With minimarks, sharing your bookmarks and keeping them in sync with your team is a breeze. You can share collections with existing team members and anyone else (as long as they have an email address).

Team Members
Instead of entering an email address each time you share a collection, minimarks lets you add team members to your account. Team members inherit your plan benefits, so they don't need a minimarks subscription.

Publish Bookmarks
Are you looking for a link-in-bio tool? minimarks lets you publish bookmark collections and share them with the world in just a few clicks. You can add your minimarks URL to social media profiles and share the link with anyone.

minimarks is now available and ready for early adopters. We have big plans and will be rolling out updates each month. Check out our roadmap to see some of the upcoming features:

Startup Features:
  • Share bookmarks with your team; Publish your bookmarks; Keep your bookmarks in sync; Works on all browsers; Compact bookmark manager;
Beta User Benefits:
  • Use coupon code "Betafy" to receive 20% off forever. Only valid for a limited time.
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Content Management
  • Productivity
  • Utilities
Target Audience:
  • web browser
  • bookmark manager
  • start page
  • team start page
  • sharing bookmarks

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