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Dive changes the way we work remotely. When you are working remotely, often the sense of togetherness is missing. Dive is the social space for remote teams where team members can play games, bond on common interests and do many activities together.

In short, no awkward silences and lots of playful conversations.

We solve one of the biggest problems for remote teams: isolation. We bring togetherness to your team and build a great culture. Play games, talk on common topics, organize a watch party and have fun using our in-built activities.

We are in closed beta. Looking for great teams to try out the product and share the feedback.

Startup Features:
  • Play Games like Poker and Pictionary With Your Team Members
  • Enjoy Video Calls That Have an Informal Feel
  • Organize Online Watch Parties and Events
Beta User Benefits:
  • First One To Get Access To Our New Games And Features
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Games
  • Human Resources
  • Productivity
  • Recreation
Target Audience:
  • remote
  • remote collaboration
  • remote work tools
  • remote culture
  • team building activities
  • team bonding
  • remote app
  • remote platform
  • team building
  • remote team building
  • games for teams

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