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ilumoni is a free app that helps you to understand and manage your debt through clear and easy to understand information about your borrowing, showing you how much your borrowing really costs and how your borrowing habits and choices affect how much you pay and for how long.

ilumoni highlights ways to make changes to your current borrowing to help you pay less interest, simplify your borrowing, reduce payments, clear your debt faster or even live debt free, all based on what you want to achieve and your personal circumstances. Even small changes can make a big difference and ilumoni helps keep you on track or show you alternative products that could be better for you.

We believe that for too long it has been easy to borrow, but hard to borrow well. Meaning millions of us are paying more in interest and are in debt for longer. We think it’s time that changed. It's time to Borrow Well.

ilumoni is not a lender or formal debt management solution. It's for people who want to manage their debt better or spend less time managing their debt.

Startup Features:
  • Pay less interest
  • Clear debt faster
  • Debt management
Beta User Benefits:
  • Exclusive early access to better debt management from a first to market product
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Finance
Target Audience:
  • personal finance
  • money
  • lending
  • debt
  • credit
  • money management
  • money manager
  • debt management
  • finances
  • borrowing
  • debt manager

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