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Fleetbase is a cloud based operations platform and developer console for the logistics industry. We are making it easier for companies to manage their logistics operations and for developers to build out features, platforms and integrations faster and easier by providing open source apps, SDKs and a suite of APIs.

FLEETOPS - Manage your entire fleet and delivery operations in one centralised console.

We’ve researched with several high speed logistics companies to create a centralized dashboard with an eco-system of logistics components

1. Custom order flows - Create your specific order flow within FleetOps
2. Custom Activity Updates - Create and manage your activity status updates.
3. Track & Trace - Track your drivers and delivery operations in real time.
4. Scheduling - Schedule dispatches by drag and dropping orders onto your own calendar.
5. Route Optimisation - Automatic route optimisation allows your to optimise your delivery routes and scheduling.
6. Powerful API - FleetOps build for developers. Get started with your integration by visiting our documentation.
7. Service Rates - Define your service rates in FleetOps. You are able to create custom algorithms using variables such as distance, time, volume, weight etc.
8. Zoning - Create custom zones and service areas for your operations. Assign service areas, fleets drivers, service rates to specific zones.

STOREFRONT - Fleetbase Storefront allows you top quickly build, configure and launch your own customer order and delivery operations app in just a few steps.

1. Open source and fully customizable for commercial or personal use
2. Push notifications to keep customers informed about their order in real time
3. Customizable payment gateways so that you can accept payments how you want
4. Storefront dashboard built into console for complete management and overview
5. Ability to create multi-vendor marketplaces in a few clicks using “Networks”
6. Integration with our logistics operations extension “FleetOps” by default
7. Roadmap for continuous integration of new features and capabilities
8. Easy to use SDK to build up your own web or mobile apps
9. Real time tracking and ETA for orders
10 Built in Proof of Delivery via QR Code or Signature

Startup Features:
  • Build & launch your delivery or service company in only a few steps
Beta User Benefits:
  • Opensource Delivery App
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Business
  • Cloud Solutions and Services
  • Ecommerce
  • Information Technology
  • Logistics
Target Audience:
  • opensource
  • lastmile

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