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Driftly guides your customers towards the most impactful areas of your software as they breeze through onboarding, adopt core features and become life-long power users. What our customers talk about most is how easy it is to set up and implement. And with powerful features like an in-app tour and checklist builder, analytics, targeting, team accounts and much more, it's got everything you need to give your SaaS customers a fantastic experience. Plus the pricing is based on impressions, not monthly active users, so it's one of the few tour builders with truly fair and transparent pricing.

Startup Features:
  • product tours
  • checklists
  • analytics
  • targeting & segmentation
  • in-app builder (Google Chrome Extension)
  • teams
Beta User Benefits:
  • Convert free trials
  • Upgrade users to premium plans
  • Boost adoption of new features
  • Reduce support costs
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Business
  • Saas
Target Audience:
  • analytics
  • tours
  • adoption
  • churn
  • no code
  • segmentation
  • checklists
  • targeting
  • onboard
  • product adoption
  • feature adoption

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