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Collab Spot supercharges the iteration process by allowing your entire team to collaborate on any website. Iterate designs, leave comments, create and assign to-dos, and more — all in a no-code multiplayer environment.

Collab Spot does for websites what Google Docs did for collaborative document editing. Our platform provides an intuitive and powerful way for the entire team to iterate designs, leave comments, create to-do lists, manage the design language of your website, and more.

Here's a quick overview of some of our favorite features that massively streamline and speed up the iteration process:

No-Code Design Iteration — Using a slider-based system, the whole team can alter the design of the website in real time. HTML, CSS, and Javascript code is instantly generated to allow for rapid implementation.

Comments with Context — Leave comments on any element of the website. These comments store important metadata to keep everyone on the same page. At a glance, team members can read the comment, see who left it and what page element they are discussing, as well as view the exact screen size that they were viewing the page on.

Task Management — Create to-do lists and assign tasks to team members. Like comments, these lists automatically remember important context about the element in question.

Accelerated Testing — Import the design language of your project, and instantly apply commonly used colors, animations, and designs to any element on the website. Easily preview your changes on desktop, tablets, phones, and more.

We are super excited to help supercharge your iteration process, and would love to hear any feedback!


Startup Features:
  • Collab Spot enables teams to iterate 5x faster on websites
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  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Productivity
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  • web development
  • collaboration
  • web design
  • feedback tools

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