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B.A.M Ticketing is a blockchain-based ticketing and voucher Platform and Software as a Service facilitating full control over the whole ticketing lifecycle.
We empower the event organizers for the first time with full control over all markets, facilitating new revenue streams from secondary markets, eliminating ticket fraud, and ultimately increasing the user experience when buying tickets with the maximum of trust.
B.A.M digital ticketing comes with many game-changing features for all rightsholders across the ticketing ecosystem – event organizers, venues, attractions, sports franchises, artists, and fans – facilitating blockchain technology increasing trust, transparency, and security.

B.A.M Ticketing is using a proprietary immutable, distributed ledger network introducing security, transparency, and trust in all ticketing services. B.A.M operates a federated Enterprise Blockchain, which is designed for complex business applications like ticket clearing and settlement.
The permission control at each level of the transaction life cycle ensures the security of all data and the protection of intellectual property of rightsholders and businesses. It has low latency rates and faster protocols as compared to public blockchains.

B.A.M Ticketing is focused on providing digital enforceable rights management for event tickets. We work with artists, venues, promoters, and ticketing systems to provide business solutions for both the primary and the secondary ticket markets.
We provide ticketing software solutions that seamlessly integrate into existing infrastructures and applications. As such we service the whole ticketing ecosystem with digital tickets.

Startup Features:
  • Digitalize your tickets and get deep audience insights
  • Communicate directly with ticket holders
  • Eliminate duplicate tickets or fake tickets
  • Get full secondary market control and additional revenue
  • Eliminate scalpers, touts and dry out black markets
  • Increase event security and ban hooligans
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Technology
Target Audience:
  • blockchain
  • ticketing
  • tickets

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